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This special breed of fish, known as Garra Rufa, is attracted to the vibration in the water given off by the pulse in your body. As soon as your feet enter the water, the Garra fish begin searching for the source of that vibration they feel. This is similar to the way a dog would sniff out a scent.


This specific sub-breed does the exact same thing in the wild. So, our process is designed to mimic their natural environment, which keeps the fish happy and healthy!


While they are busy looking for the source of the vibration from your pulse, their movement around your feet creates a very relaxing feeling that is often described as like bubbles all over your skin. The light sensation from the tiny fins rapidly moving across your skin is what creates this relaxing feeling!


Our Dr. fish, original name (Garra Rufa Fish) are a toothless fish that have no teeth from childhood to adulthood that are native to the Middle East (Turkey) where they have been used as a medical treatment ie. for individuals with skin diseases , like psoriasis, neurodermatitis and eczema. The Dr. Fish are attracted to the vibration in the water given off by the pulse in your body. Studies have shown that the Dr.Fish have an oral cavity that produces the enzyme “Ditranol” that has softening and healing elements which are similar to Aloe Vera. More studies have shown that the Dr. Fish help increase blood circulation, they are great for customers with Diabetes, Neuropathy, Eczema, and Psoriasis. Our Dr.Fish Spa treatment revitalizes and  rejuvenates feet, 9 out of 10 Dr. Fish Spa customers say their feet feel 5 to 6 times softer, revitalized and rejuvenated. 

A lot of people ask "what does it feel like?" here at Dr.Fish Spa we describe it as a very relaxing feeling that is often compared to jacuzzi bubbles all over your skin! It is a MUST DO in everyone's bucket list! 

*The Dr. Fish are fed Tropical wafer fish food daily*


 The Ionic Cleanse is a warm foot bath detox that cleanses the body through pumping positive and negative ions into the water. Studies have shown that this process magnetizes the toxins and impurifications in your body and pulls them all out through the pores of your feet. the color of the water will change to a pigment depending on on the area of where the most toxins and heavy metals are being pulled from.

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